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Mapping Media to the Common CoreMapping Media to the Curriculum is a book series and website created by Dr. Wesley Fryer to serve as a menu, handbook, and map for teacher-leaders and learners in the twenty-first century who seek to develop digital literacies as multimedia communicators and help students “show what they know with media.” * Mapping Media to the Common Core (Volume I) explores the first six products in the framework: Interactive WritingNarrated ArtRadio Shows5 Photo StoriesVisual Notetaking, and Narrated Slideshows / Screencasts. Videos in each chapter (hosted on YouTube) are directly linked for compatible eReaders and also linked via QR codes, so readers can optionally use a smartphone to view them. Each chapter of Volume I is also available separately as $2.99 eBooks from Amazon.com:

  1. Interactive Writing eBook
  2. Narrated Art eBook
  3. Radio Show eBook
  4. 5 Photo Story eBook
  5. Visual Notetaking eBook
  6. Narrated Slideshow – Screencast eBook

On this accompanying website and in the eBook, readers will find definitions, suggested workflows, suggested tools, and student examples related to each tool in the framework. Like a menu at a restaurant, the website and framework are designed to offer a broad view of available options teachers and students can utilize to communicate ideas and demonstrate knowledge, understanding, and skills. The Mapping Media framework is aligned to the ISTE NETS for Students as well as Common Core State Standards. Educators focused on digital literacy and interested in students building digital portfolios to “show what they know with media” will find Mapping Media a gold mine of practical ideas.

This 6.5 minute introductory video introduces the importance of “playing with media” and “mapping media” to the curriculum.

ePUB Version – Volume I (for iPad / Nook / other non-Kindle eReaders) – $14.99

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EPUB ISBN-13: 9780983104858

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MOBI Version for Amazon Kindle – Volume I (for all Kindle eReaders) – $14.99

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Print Version – Volume I – $19.99

printed, paperback version of “Mapping Media to the Common Core: Vol 1″ from CreateSpace is now available!
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Separate eBook Chapters

Separate eBook Chapters are available for $2.99 each on Amazon.com for the first six products in the Mapping Media framework.

Interactive Writing eBook
Narrated Art eBook
Radio Show eBook

5 Photo Story eBook
Visual Notetaking eBook
Narrated Slideshow - Screencast eBook


Praise for Mapping Media:

If you are looking for a way to up the ante, Mapping Media to the Common Core is an excellent book. I am going to be using it in undergraduate technology class for future teachers at Kansas State University. It is full of ideas, examples, resources and practical applications. If you are a teacher and want or need to learn more, Mapping Media to the Common Core is perfect. It is a great professional development resource. I am already looking forward to the next part.
– Cyndi Danner-Kuhn @cyndidannerkuhn

Speaking and Presentations

Dr. Fryer frequently presents conference keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and professional development workshops on Mapping Media to the Common Core. Electronic handouts from past presentations are available. This is a description of a past keynote address on Mapping Media:

As 21st century educators, we should to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery and understanding of the curriculum not only with text but also with images, audio, and video. Dr. Wesley Fryer will invite and inspire you to become a better multimedia communicator and a pioneer with digital media in this dynamic presentation. Learn how to “expand the map” of assessment options in your classroom to include student products like narrated slideshows, enhanced eBooks including recorded audio, five photo stories with images, and more. Learn practical ways to overcome the anxiety and fear which often accompanies technology integration proposals by creating personal media products. Learn how to enhance your digital resume as a professional educator with examples of your own media creations as well as students projects you facilitate. Links to student media examples as well as project storyboards/tools are available on maps.playingwithmedia.com.

Please use this electronic contact form to inquire about Dr. Fryer’s availability to present for your conference, school or other educational organization.

Bulk / discounted pricing information is also available.

* The Mapping Media framework and book series was originally titled “Mapping Media to the Common Core” when it was published in 2013. In October 2014 the framework and book series was re-named “Mapping Media to the Curriculum.”

The Waldseemüller’s 1507 World Map is used in the header of this website.

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