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An eBook is a downloadable, electronic file which can include digital text, hyperlinks, images, embedded audio and embedded video. Enhanced or multimedia eBooks can be “aggregated documents” including media elements created and saved earlier.



  1. Create an outline / table of contents.
  2. Save text files and organize by chapter. Use web-safe file names avoiding spaces, special characters, etc.
  3. Save images, audio and video files to be embedded in separate folders using web-safe filenames.
  4. Assemble these pieces into a single file using eBook software.
  5. Export to ePUB format.


  1. Upload the file to a web server.
  2. Link the eBook file to a webpage.


iOS Apps:

  1. Book Creator (iPad only, $)
  2. Little Story Maker (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, free – can create highlighted audio text)
  3. Story Creator Pro (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, $2)
  4. Creative Book Builder (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, $)
  5. Scribble Press (iPad only – no audio recording, $)
  6. Scribble My Story (iPad, $)

Laptop / Desktop computer:

  1. Calibre (Mac / PC)
  2. Scrivner (Mac / PC)
  3. Adobe InDesign (Mac / PC)
  4. Apple Pages software (Mac only)
  5. iBooks Author (Mac only)

Browser-based Book Creation Tools

  1. Aerbook (browser-based, all platforms)
  2. Bookr (Flickr photo books)
  3. Papyrus (browser-based)


  1. Our Batak House by Yogi Nainggolan (enhanced ePUB with text, images & audio – read more)
  2. 30+ eBooks created by educator Jane Ross (@janeinjava)
  3. Our Favorite Books (enhanced eBook in 4 formats – backstory here and here)
  4. Mr Smith’s Class eBooks (created with iBooks Author via @theipodteacher)
  5. The Case of the Missing Laptop by Faith Paramore (created with iBooks Author via Tammy Gilley, Buhler, Kansas)
  6. Snowflake Gets Lost (2nd graders – enhanced ePUB with text, images & audio)
  7. 2nd Grade Winter eBooks (via Karen Bosch)
  8. 5th Grade Idiom eBooks (created by Sue Hooge’s students using Book Creator, Yukon, Oklahoma)
  9. eBooks with audio examples on
  10. eBooks Sandbox (a place to share eBook experiments)
  11. Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing


  1. International Children’s Digital LibraryICDL (free, iOS app available_


  1.  The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore ($5, iOS)
  2. Our Choice by Al Gore ($5, iOS)
  3. Van Gogh: Painted with Words ($1, iOS)

More eBook and enhanced / multimedia eBook resources are available on:

  1. Wesley Fryer‘s wiki, “Creating Multimedia eBooks”
  2. Jeremy Brueck‘s wiki, “Getting Started with Student and Teacher Created eBooks”


  1. Subtext (free, for iOS only – have conversations IN your eBooks)
  2. EPUBReader (free plug-in for FireFox, Chrome & Internet Explorer)
  3. Readium Plug-in for Chrome (free)
  4. iBooks for iOS (free)
  5. Adobe Digital Editions (free, Windows & Mac)
  6. Kindle Reading Apps (free, Amazon eBooks only, for iOS, Windows & Mac)
  7. Kindle Cloud Reader (free, Amazon eBooks only)
  8. Nook eReader (free, Windows, iOS, Android)
  9. Microsoft Reader (free, Windows only)
  10. Calibre (free, Windows & Mac)
  11. More eBook help (with software and transferring) is available on the eBook Help page of Moving at the Speed of Creativity

* Image attribution: eBook image created by Wesley Fryer using Brushes for iPad

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  2. Transliteracy is the New Language Arts » Playing with Media says:

    [...] can create “narrated art” about the concepts and ideas of the book, and can even construct their own eBooks with digital text, images, audio and video. THAT could potentially be a great transliteracy study. [...]

  3. Moving at the Speed of Creativity | Transliteracy is the New Language Arts says:

    [...] can create “narrated art” about the concepts and ideas of the book, and can even construct their own eBooks with digital text, images, audio and video. THAT could potentially be a great transliteracy study. [...]

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