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A “quick edit video” is an edited digital video including full-motion video footage, audio, still images, and/or text captions, edited AND published online using only a wireless, digital device like a smartphone or touch tablet computer. “Paper slide videos” are similar to narrated slideshows, but since they involve live camera recording I’ve included them here as a type of “quick edit video.”



Initial Setup

  1. Obtain smartphone / tablet computer for video production
  2. Purchase, download and install video editing software
  3. Create video publication channel and website accounts for sharing
  4. Optional: Obtain external microphone(s) for video recording

Ongoing Use

  1. PLAN: Students storyboard and plan their video
  2. PRODUCE: Students shoot and record different parts of their video
  3. PRUNE: Students edit media together and create a final product
  4. PUBLISH: Students share final video file online


  1. Editing: YouTube Capture (free),  iMovie for iOS ($5)
  2. No-Edit Videos: Vine (free), Instagram (free), Hyperlapse (free)
  3. Other video editing apps: ReelDirector ($2), vlix (free), Splice ($4), Videolicious (free), Klip (free), Socialcam (free)
  4. Teleprompters: iPrompt Pro (free), On Air (free)
  5. Microphones: iRig Microphone ($60), TASCAM’s iXZ adapter (for professional XLR microphones), Apple’s Camera Connection Kit with a USB mic like a Snowball


  1. Water Bottle Rocket Launch Videos (May 2014)
  2. Oklahoma Students Discuss Scratch Projects (March 2013)
  3. Levers (iMovie for iPad trailer by elementary students of @MsLaidler)
  4. Digitizing Student Portfolios with an iPod Touch (Sept 2011)
  5. Lead Bullets Video Example (> 18K views)
  6. Jacob’s Ladder Tutorial (>150,000 views – by Alexander)
  7. Trapper’s Rendezvous 2010: Trading an Alligator Tooth for a Laptop
  8. 5 Teacher-created iPad Videos: “Favorite Videos from iPad Media Camp”
  9. Engineering Design Project (8th grade)
    1. Draft Design for a Complex Machine to Generate Electricity from Water Power
    2. Good Things Can Come From Science and Engineering Projects in School
    3. Alexander Answers Questions About His Simple Machine Project with AudioBoo
  10. The Hobbit in 5 Minutes – Actor’s Commentary: The Hobbit in 5 Minutes
  11. Storychasing NASA History at Space Center Houston
  12. Marcus Truelove’s YouTube Channel (8th grade US History, Yukon Middle School)
  13. (not an iPad) 72 Years of Free Barbecue (more info)


  1. iMovie for iPad Movie Trailer Storyboards (PDF – by @DwyerTeacher)
  2. Plan a Better iMovie Trailer with These PDFs (by @tonyvincent)
  3. Bulk-Modify YouTube Videos to Turn ON Comment Moderation (PDF, also available as a webpage)
  4. iPad Quick Edit Videography 1 hour videoconference recording (Dec 2011)
  5. iPad Quick Edit Videography Presentation Links
  6. Paper Slide Videos
  7. Upload Videos Longer Than 15 Minutes to YouTube

* Image attribution: Digital art by Wesley Fryer created with the iPad app “Brushes

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